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  • 1. What are the terms and conditions associated with buying an apartment or villa ?

    Payment shall be made by DD /Cheques payable at Calicut in the name of Pentagon Builders. Collection Charges for outstation cheques will be debited to the client's account

    Possession shall be given to the customers on settling of all the dues to the company

    Once allotted and agreement signed, the prices are firm.

    Statutory deposits, building tax, sales tax, KWA / KSEB cables share of transformer cabling, contribution to construction workers welfare fund and deposits for apartment owner's association to be paid by the buyer

    Company is not responsible for any delay in water / electric connection due to the delay with concerned department

    All transactions are subject to Calicut jurisdiction only.

  • 2. What documentation is to be done while buying an apartment or villa ?

    Two agreements will be executed between the builder and the purchaser on allotment, one for the sale of the land (undivided share of land in case of apartments) and another one for construction contract. Though separate considerations are specified in each agreement, composite value of land and construction will be shown in the payment schedule. Necessary citations to this effect are given in the agreement.

    The sale deed of the land will be registered in favour of the purchaser on receipt of the entire payment and before handling over. Documentation charges and incidental expenses for the registration of the sale deed will be debited to the buyer's account.

  • 3. What happens in case payments are not made on time ?

    Incase payments are not made as per agreement signed, the builder reserves the right to cancel the allotment, in which case the amount will be returned only after re allotment to another party and without any interest.

  • 4. How much time do I get for registering the plot after agreement ?
    2 months time can be availed for finalizing the registration of the plot after the agreement has been formally signed.

  • 5. If I want to dispose/sell the plots brought by me, can the company help me to do so ?

    Yes you can give a formal letter for the sale of your plot. we will try to sell it at the earliest.

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